It was a sad time when we learned on the day before our 8 guys were going on an exotic trip to play golf in Oklahoma that one of our partners said he was too "SICK" to go. Many mentioned bad things about our leader in allowing the "SICK" boy to not come rather than forcing him to "play in pain". Many felt the leader's decision would cause us to have our golf trip really screwed up. But we departed without the "SICK" boy and with much disdain. However when we got to Oklahoma City one of the non married players found a wonderful replacement for our "SICK" boy and here is part of her and if you scroll down you can see other pictures of the trip :


She was so helpful and was sweet enough to even

clean our tables before we sat down at our fancy restaurants

As you can see she was always smiling and was so helful to

many of us in so many ways both on & OFF the golf course

We loved being around her and she was always

willing to be at our side whenever we needed her


She was so talented and could perform in so many

ways that we were not used to. Futhermore as you

can see she was so pleasing to look at . Here for

example she was singing a beautiful love song.


The bottom line to this trip is that our "SICK" boy was adequately

replaced . In fact the replacement was so wonderful that we have

already appointed the unmarried man to be our leader

on next years golf trip