Greatest Swimming Hole of All Times

Butterfly Falls Located in the

Hidden Valley Inn in the

Pine Ridge Mountains Of Belize

This Mayan Ruin , Xunnatunich ( Zoo-nan-two-nich)

is located only a few hundred yards from Guatamala

and was built and used by the Mayans somewhere

between 300 AD and 900 AD.

The Pyramid behind me which I climbed is 330

feet above the ground and is the second tallest

Pyramid in the country.

What a beautiful flower, Heliconias also referred

to as "False Bird-Of-Paradise" .

They grow all over the Jungles in Belize.


This is a rare Iguana known naturally as the Green Iguana.

What a beautiful orchid that I have at my house

in Fort Worth. It is referred to as a Myrmecophila

Tibicinisand is also referred to in Belize as the Cow

Horn Orchid because certain insects can get inside

certain parts of the orchid and keep predators away.

This Orchid (Encyclia Cochleata also known as

the Black Orchid) is the national flower of Belize

and has the rare ability to grow all year round.


We ended our trip on one of the out islands of

Belize , Ambergris Caye where I dove at the dive

site (The Blue Hole) made famous by

Jacques Cousteau .