This is Our House and it made in Flying Colors

Notwithstanding Hurricane Winds Of 150 MPH

We Did Have Some Loss Of The Shingles

On The Front Of The Roof And Some Wood

Off The Front Arbor And Several Palm Trees


But My Orchids & Key Lime Tree Made It


Others Were Not As Fortunate

Like This Church Church (Hillside Chapel )

Up on Top Of The Bluff

As Well As Our Grocery Store

Billy's Super Market


This Was The House Next Door

To Where We Stayed On The Night Of

Hurrinane Paloma


This was The Bathroom Wall That Crashed

Down At 5:45 AM Saturday Morning


At 6:30 AM The Living Room Ceiling

Crashed Down With Lots Of Water

The Public Beech Had Just Been Finished

When Paloma Completly Destroyed

The Left Half Of Its Structure


Paloma Was Strong Enough

To Dig The Root and Tree Up


After Hurricane Paloma There Was A Total

Loss OF Power , Electricity , Water , and Food .

The Electricity Won't Be Restored For Two

Months So Darto & I went To

The Bucaneer Slip To Bath


This Is How The House Looks in March 2009 with

Additional Shingles and Repair to the Front Door

And The Removal Of The Down Palm Trees


View Of Our From The Back